Year 3

Big Book Story-Peace At Last

Big Book Story-The Whale And The Snail

Phonics ‘ir’ sound-Mon. 1st March

Band 2 Phonics-Mon. 1st March

Book week character competition-Tues. 2nd March

Bookworm Writing- Wed. 3rd March

Red Group Maths-Mon. 1st March

Red Group Maths-Tues. 2nd March

Red Group Maths- Wednesday 3rd March

Red Group Maths- Thurs. 4th March

Blue Group Maths- Mon. 1st March

Blue Group Maths- Tues. 2nd March

Blue Group Maths-Wed. 3rd March

Blue Group Maths- Thurs.4th March

Maths Topic Work- Days Of Week/Months Of Year

Fermanagh Castle Project

Phonics ‘er’ sound-Mon. 22nd Feb

Band 2 Phonics-Mon. 22nd Feb

Grammar Work- Tues. 23rd Feb

Comprehension-Wed. 24th Feb

Bands 3-4 Comprehension-Wed. 24th Feb

Red Group Maths-Mon. 22nd Feb

Red Group Maths-Tues.23rd Feb

Red Group Maths-Wed.24th Feb

Red Maths Group-Thurs. 25th Feb

Blue Group Maths-Mon.22nd Feb

Blue Group Maths-Tues.23rd Feb

Blue Group Maths Wed. 24th Feb

Blue Group Maths-Thurs.25th Feb

Topic Maths-Fri.26th Feb

Coat Of Arms Design-Castles

‘The Royal Dinner’ story-Mon.15th Feb

Pizza/Writing Instructions

Time Maths-Mon. 15th Feb

Grammar-Tues.16th Feb

Time Maths-Tues.16th Feb

Pancake Day Power Point

Health Week Introduction and Big Book

Phonics ‘ow’ sound- Mon.8th Feb

Phonics-Band 2 Mon.8th Feb

Feelings/Happiness Jar/Happiness is.. poem

Tuesday 9th February

Grammar Questions- Wed. 10th Feb

Healthy Snack/Writing Instructions- Thurs. 11th Feb

Red Group Maths- Mon. 8th Feb

Red Group Maths- Tues.9th Feb

Red Group Maths-Wed.10th Feb

Red Group Maths-Thurs.11th Feb

Blue Maths Group-Mon.8th Feb

Blue Group Maths-Tues.9th Feb

Blue Group Maths-Wed. 10th Feb

Blue group Maths-Thurs. 11th Feb

Time Maths- Fri. 12th Feb

Phonics ‘ou’ sound- Mon. 1st Feb

Band 2 Phonics- Mon. 1st Feb

Questions Work-Tues.2nd Feb

Knights and Dragons Unite Story

Wed. 3rd Feb. Writing Explanation at the end.

Gingerbread Man Comprehension

Wednesday 3rd February

Bands 3-4 Comprehension

Thurs.4th Feb.

Red Group Maths-Mon. 1st Feb

Red Group Maths- Tues. 2nd Feb

Red Group Maths- Wed. 3rd Feb

Red Group Maths-Thurs. 4th Feb

Blue Group Maths-Mon. 1st Feb

Blue Group Maths Tues. 2nd Feb

Blue Group Maths- Wed.3rd Feb

Blue Group Maths-Thurs.4th Feb

Time Maths-Fri. 5th Feb

Collins Connect-Castles Book

Visit To Old Castle Archdale

Spellings Week Beginning: Monday 25th January

Phonics Monday 25th January Video 1

Video 1 Word sort

Phonics o-e sound Mon. 25th Jan

Phonics Band 2 Monday 25th January

Red Group Maths-Mon. 25th Jan

Red Maths Group- Tuesday 26th January

Red Group Maths-Wed.27th Jan

Red Group Maths-Thurs. 28th Jan

Blue Group Maths Mon 25th Jan

Blue Group Maths- Tues. 26th Jan

Blue Group Maths- Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th January

Symmetry Poster-Fri. 29th Jan

Grammar Work- Tues. 26th Jan

Joining Sentences

Dragon comprehension Wednesday 27th January

Writing Dragon Task- Thursday 28th January

Castles-Siege Machines

Phonics Monday 18th January ow sound

Phonics (Band 2) Monday 18th January

Grammar ‘Joining Sentences’ Tuesday 19th January

Comprehension Wednesday 20th January (Bands 5-8)

Red Maths Group Monday 18th January

Red Maths Group Tuesday 19th January

Red Maths Group Wednesday 20th January

Red Group Maths Thursday 21st January

Blue Group Maths Monday 18th January

Blue Group Maths Tuesday 19th January

Blue Group Maths Wednesday 20th January

Blue Group Maths Thursday 21st January

Symmetry Friday 22nd January

Both Maths Groups

Castles Power Point

More information to listen to about Castles. The children will be able to follow as the text is read for them.

Endangered Species Power Point- Writing Task Thursday 21st January

Listen to the information on the power point before completing your writing task this week.

Endangered Animal Fact File

Choose an endangered animal. Do a google search on your animal to find out where your chosen animals lives, what it eats and how it survives.

Phonics ‘oa’ sound Practice/Phonic Workbook

Monday 11th January

Phonics Work (Band 2 Group)

Monday 11th January

Red Group Maths Monday 11th/Tuesday 12th January

Red Group Maths Wednesday 13th January

Red Group Maths Thursday 14th January

Blue Maths Group Monday 11th/Tuesday 12th January

Adding to 20

Blue Group Maths Wednesday 13th January

Blue Group Maths

Thursday 14th January


Friday 15th January, Red group and Blue Group Maths

'Dear Greenpeace' Writing Activity

Verbs Grammar Work


All about parts of a castle power point and teacher explanation for castle topic work